To sail a squarerigger is completely different than to sail a yacht.

wearing tacking

short explanation

Tacking a Squarerigger

1 speed up

2 start the tacking+loosen the jibs

3 brace main and mizzen

4 tight up the jibs on other side

5 brace the foremast

6 tacking finished

To tack a squarerigger is a very difficult maneuver, and can only done up to windforce 6.

This maneuver takes up to a minute with a model


short explanation

Wearing a Squarerigger

1 start wearing

2 brace main and mizzen square

3 turn the ship before the wind

4 brace foremast round

5 brace main and mizzen

6 wearing finished

To weare a squarerigger can be done at any windforce.

This maneuver takes a couple of seconds with a model

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