To control the Yards mechanically

In this way all yards are fixed to a shaft, which is posiitioned in front of the mast. Under the deck the shaft is controlled by a wurmgearmotor. This way is not original, but for small models, with a lot of yards, there are a lot of advantages. The running rigging of the braces is rigged through eyebolts on each end of the yard. To get head of the different lenghts used flexible ropes. I used this way on my model of the Pamir.

To brace the Yards original by braces

In this way all yards are fixed original to the mast. Also each brace is fixed to the end of the yard. On each end of the yard there is an eyebolt where the brace is running through. Between this two eyebolts there is an elastic rope, to get the braces tight on the drums of the sailwinch.
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